Sunday, 25 July 2010

My most recent pipe dream: Etsy

The Dream:
Create awesome shit out of a bunch of stuff. Drink a lot of coffee. Smoke a lot of cigarettes. Make more awesome shit out of a bunch of stuff, until my house is so full of awesome shit I could explode with my own inflated sense of greatness.
Put the most awesome of the awesome shit on Etsy for millions of pennies. Give the lesser of the awesome shit away to people for Xmas. Make more awesome shit. Conquer Etsy. Become rich and possibly famous. Cackle a lot.

Why this is a pipe dream and not really a possibility:
My ability to turn a bunch of stuff into a pile of awesome shit is much, much lower than my enthusiasm for the activity. I always envisage great things for my bunch of stuff, but the actual skills involved in the magical transformation from 'stuff' to 'awesome' always leaves me with a not-so-awesome pile of raggedy, cut-up stuff. Past awesome shit experiments have always ended with me kneeling on the floor and wallowing in my own pity, surrounded by objects of failure, tears rolling slowly down my cheeks.
In short, I fail at producing awesome shit. It's been a difficult truth to face up to.

I lay my pipe dream to rest. I can now carry on with my life.

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