Thursday, 22 July 2010

Or, you could just call me Bett...

I'm Betty Broke.
It's obviously a fake name. I'm not actually cool enough to pull it off in real life, but I thought for the purposes of writing, it suits me well.

The reasoning:

1. Betty
a. My grandmother's name is Betty, I like her a lot.
b. I've always liked the name itself. It conjures up, for me anyway, wiseness with a hint of cuddliness, interestingly weirdliness, and stale fag smoke. I'm not wise, nor particularly cuddly, or indeed interestingly weird, really; but I definitely smell of stale fag smoke.

2. Broke
a. I'm incredibly poor. It's not entirely to do with my smoking habit, though I'm sure nicotine addiction doesn't help matters.
b. 'Broke' begins with the letter 'B' which is the letter my *real* surname begins with.
c. Betty + Broke = Betty Broke. Ooo, alliteration. I most thoroughly enjoy it. Plus, my initials will be BB, which are most definitely awesome initials to have. (The word 'Boobies', for example, cannot be spelled without my fake initials. Also...Have you ever noticed how a capital B looks like a pair of boobs? There's totally two pairs of boobs right there.)
d. The word 'Broke' could also mean I'm somehow flawed. I sometimes feel as though I am, but an in depth analysis of my mental state is not the point of this post. (Though I may splat out some self critical doomwriting at some point in the future.)

3. My real name is boring, and for a small portion of my life I want to feel as though I'm a rockstar. Or at least a rich-and-famous person. Or maybe just someone with a more interesting name.
By the way, I'm in a band, but I wouldn't like to actually ever get famous. I'd probably be dead by the time I was 27. I'm 23. That only gives me three and a half years to live! Nooooo! Why wish such a fate upon myself?!

So, hello. I'm Betty Broke, and I will be writing about things I do, have done, or will do, while never giving away enough detail for anyone to ever find out who I really am.


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